Tips for a Green Lawn

Every homeowner wants a beautiful and lush lawn. However, this can be hard to achieve. This is particularly true if you are saving money on water bills. Fortunately for you, there are several landscaping options that you can use if you are trying to save money and time by watering less. These Lawn Care Wilmington NC tips can help keep your lawn green despite any drought conditions on your location.  

Plant Succulents 

Water-retaining succulents are an ideal addition to your lawn if you live in a warm desert climate. Their puffy leaves for storing water offer them an attractive and plump appearance. Here are several options: 

  • Agave – Spiky and wide leaves have a desert appearance.  
  • Burro’s tail – Drooping and spreading leaves provide a special look to your garden. 
  • Sedum – Forgiving of bad soil and sun. It is simple to grow and offers you elegant seasonal blossoms. 

Plant Ornamental Grass and Flowering Perennials 

You improve your lawn’s visual appeal, improve drought tolerance, and lower maintenance needs with varying plant colors and heights in your garden. Here are several examples: 

  • Fountain grass – Warm-season and mid-size grass grows in an elegant arch. It is a perfect border plant.  
  • Japanese Blood Grass – Green and upright foliage blushed with dark red provide a bright garden appeal.  
  • Cistus – Energetic evergreen plant that typically reaches 4 up to 6 feet tall. 
  • Butterfly Bush – This is a flowering shrub that has lilac-like flowers. It can reach more than 6 feet in height. 
  • Salvia greggii – A huge range of salvias provide everything, from red and white or hot pink flowers to light blue or lavender flowers. 

Plant Lasting Groundcover 

Low-growing perennials endure drought conditions a lot better compared to bluegrass. They also get rid of the lawn mowing job. Groundcover provides an attractive texture. Several plants feature lovely green foliage and seasonal flowers. Here are several common choices: 

  • Vinca Minor – An evergreen groundcover that has purple flowers. 
  • Japanese Ardisia – Excellent for both mass and accent plantings.  
  • Plumbago – Excellent for big places in full sun. It creates deep blue flowers and goes dormant during winter.  
  • Thyme – An edible herb that attracts bees and requires full sun. 
  • Oregano – An edible herb with attractive flowers and foliage. 

Get Rid of Grass and Plant Dwarf Mondo 

You might not want to cover your whole yard in Dwarf Mondo since it loses its drought-tolerant capabilities when planted in huge places. But, for filling in bare areas, it makes for a great substitute for grass. Dwarf Mondo naturally aerates and conditions the soil as a nitrogen-fixing plant. It also remains weed-free and soft under foot.  

Give Up Grass 

If you want to conserve the most water and want to save money, a landscape with less grass is much preferred. After all, even if you don’t have grass in your lawn, you can still enjoy green in your lawn. Aside from saving water, you can also get rid of the need to fertilize, aerate, mow, and perform other grass maintenance jobs if you forego a traditional lawn.